The most well-dressed man in the world

This article is dedicated to, and pays tribute to, my idol, Mr. Nickelson Wooster nike patta.

Nick is from Kansas, USA, and is known by the fashion industry as “the most well-dressed man in the world”. This title is not a false name. The 53-year-old has worked as the men’s fashion director of NeimanMarcus and Bergdorf Goodman and the top fashion buyer of Barneys New York. He is currently the creative director of Atrium NYC.

And his classic, timeless, and highly personal style of dressing has made him a god of street photography, a guest of the four major fashion weeks, and a legend in the European and American fashion circles. Let’s take a look at the top matching skills of this uncle.

Nick’s figure is not tall, but his strong figure can give good support to the clothes. In order to highlight the curves of his muscles and bones, he always chooses tight suits or shirts. The gentle suit shirt + the figure full of masculine charm gives people a strong visual impact.

Nick’s most obvious feature is the beard and short hair similar to US soldiers, so “people need style, rely on hairstyle”. A hairstyle that matches your face shape and temperament will definitely add a lot of color to you.

Nick’s father, a mechanic, wears a plaid shirt, a Levi’s 501, and a pair of RedWing boots to work almost every day. And his grandfather, a stockbroker, reworked every day in suits and ties and hats. In an interview, Nick admitted that his sense of fashion came from his father and grandfather. He believes that his wardrobe should be full of the clothes he loves, which is also the source of inspiration for his clothing mix.