Best Qualities for success in our business

The personal bankruptcy business is one of the fastest growing. Not surprisingly, not only lawyers are interested in him. However, not everyone achieves solid results in it. Sometimes high expectations get in the way, sometimes the entrepreneur does not have a real interest in the product, sometimes he is not ready to invest his time in the business.

After analyzing the work of our partners, we have identified several personal qualities that help to achieve good results and develop the business. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

1. Genuine interest in bankruptcy :

Let’s start with an interest in the business itself and the product. It will be much easier for you to go out to grow your business if you really enjoy dealing with bankruptcy. The reasons may be different: someone enjoys sales records, someone likes to help their customers and receive a simple human “Thank you”, some enjoy finding a solution for a client in a difficult situation.

You may like this business for a variety of reasons, but the basic idea is that you should like the  Then you will be happy to go to the office, conduct interviews and train employees, come up with new business features, and it will simply be easy for you to sell your product!

2. Willingness and desire to learn. Openness to new knowledge and tools :

Conscious ignorance is one of the best qualities of an entrepreneur. When you understand that you are not a professional in a particular area, when you clearly see what skills and knowledge you lack, it will be easy for you to master new material. And when we talk about a new business, it is always a new experience, new approaches and a large amount of knowledge:

• What is our product;
• How to sell our product;
• How to hire and develop staff;
• How marketing works;
• How to build a system of daily control of office work?

Plus, each company has its own culture, traditions and characteristics. They need to be understood in order to successfully work in a team and achieve results. In general, the willingness to learn at the start and the willingness to learn later is the key to success in our business!

3. Willingness to sell :

A common mistake of lawyers is that they think that you need to be a professional and an expert in the legal field and clients will come. In fact, practice is a matter of gain. The main thing is customers so that you can develop your business. There will be no customers without sales. So, even if you do not like to sell, you still need to know how to sell bankruptcy and be able to sell it. This is the only way you can hire the right manager and teach him how to sell. And then hire another and another. And get into decent numbers in terms of profit. Moreover, sales are not something terrible, in fact, it is an algorithm of how to correctly identify a client’s problem, offer him a product correctly, and, as a result, solve the client’s problem and write off his debts (if we are talking about bankruptcy).

4. Ability to overcome difficulties :

In any business, the first months are difficult. Sometimes it is not immediately possible to sell and conclude a sufficient number of contracts, sometimes it is not possible to find staff within 1-2 months. And at this time, your business is accumulating losses. In such a situation, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude and continue step by step the current problems and develop the business.

 Nevertheless, if you are prepared in advance for the fact that you will need to spend 3-6 months to bring your business to a stable and profitable track, then it will be much easier to solve current problems. Moreover, we give proven and working tools in marketing, sales, work with personnel that you need to understand, master, and get results.

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