Apply These 9 Secret Techniques To Improve Oyster Mushroom Soup

Oyster Mushroom Soup

After bluegoba a long time of not buying oyster mushrooms which was once my favorite, finally today I was moved to pick up 2 packets of mushrooms at the grocery store. Arriving home, Juita suggested that it be fried in flour. Sri Handyman, our maid, used to be diligent in making flour fried mushrooms nerds rope

I really don’t want to prepare trivial dishes, so I only cook Mushroom Soup. Because I forgot to buy a fish ball, I only used fine anchovies with a little shrimp budda bomb.

Oyster Mushroom Soup

If there is no idea to cook, or no appetite to eat fatty foods, we can try this simple but delicious recipe. Again, it is healthier because it does not use coconut milk.

Pockets are also more economical when the material used is easier. If you want more delicious, sprinkle fried onions and soup leaves but because there is no stock, I do not put.

If possible, use white pepper seeds that are pounded by yourself because it is fresher than white pepper powder which we are not sure of the ingredients used in it room920.

Although this recipe is easy but I also wrote the recipe below. Many Malaysian students abroad learn to cook there by referring to cooking blogs.

So it may be useful for children who are just getting used to the kitchen. Those who are experts, don’t bother looking at the recipe, just stop by to strengthen the bond. Let’s serve the recipe I used today .

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  • 2 packets of mushrooms – shred
  • 4 onion cloves
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Fish ball or anchovies or shrimp
  • Salt
  • A little white pepper – mashed
  • A little sliced ​​red chili
  • Soup leaves – not located
  • fried onions

Way way:

  • Heat oil and sauté sliced ​​onions and garlic. After yellowing, add anchovies or shrimp or whatever you like. Then pour enough water to make gravy by buy shrooms online.
  • After boiling, add the mushrooms, salt and white pepper powder. Sprinkle with red chilies and scallions. Turn off the heat and ready to serve. Finally, sprinkle with fried onions.