What happens to the brain of those who use hallucinogenic mushrooms

There’s that urban legend of the hippie who drank mushroom tea and never buudabomb returned to normal. True or not, the important thing is.

  • That in a recently published study, scientists investigate further what happens to the human brain when it is under the influence of psilocybin, the active ingredient present in hallucinogenic mushrooms.
  • The scientists analyzed the brains of 15 volunteers who took psilocybin in an intravenous solution, and also received a placebo at another time.

The researchers found an increase in activity in regions that are known to be activated while we are dreaming. However, activity in the region associated with complex reasoning and self-awareness appeared uncoordinated.

  • In the study, more primitive connections in the brain, linked to emotional thinking, were activated at the same time.
  • According to the scientists, the most important finding explains why users of hallucinogenic mushrooms often describe the experience as feeling like being in a dream.

The primitive areas of the brain associated with emotions and memory that were activated during psilocybin use are also associated .

  • With brain activity during dreams and appeared to function in a more synchronized and coordinated manner during the drug’s effect.
  • The next step, for scholars, is to study the possibilities of using hallucinogenic drugs, such as psilocybin from mushrooms and LSD, therapeutically. NootroFX

There are already ongoing studies on LSD’s effect on creativity, and some scientists believe in psilocybin’s power to cure illnesses such as depression, because of the drug’s power to disrupt thought patterns and paradigms.