Truffle: Most Valuable Mushroom

In general, Buy shrooms Canada that grow on tree roots under the ground are called truffles. So what makes these mushroom species so valuable and special? How Do I Get Weed

Of course, it is very difficult and rare

There are about 70 different types of mushrooms called truffles. Of these, white truffles, black winter truffles and summer truffles are the most consumed species.

Because of its high financial value, truffles cannot be bought by kilos and consumed as grilled or fried. It is mostly consumed by grating a small amount on other dishes. In addition, truffle oil obtained from truffles is an important product.

Where to Find Truffles

Truffles grow on the roots of oak and chestnut trees. The most suitable roots for the growth of truffles are roots 5-50 cm below the ground. Therefore, truffles grow completely underground and are impossible to find while walking like other mushrooms.

The reason why truffles grow close to tree roots is that they absorb the sugar and organic acids needed for their growth from the tree by absorbing the roots.

Truffles grow in a climate that is not completely dry, especially in a climate where summer showers are seen. This is because the soil can remain moist in summer. Like all mushrooms, truffles love a moist environment.
How to Find Truffle Mushrooms.

Truffles are extremely difficult to find because they grow underground. It is impossible to collect truffles with classical mushroom picking methods. For this reason, specially bred truffle dogs are used to find truffles.

These dogs find the location of the truffle by sniffing the soil, and sometimes they help to find the truffle by digging themselves and sometimes by showing where the owner will dig.

It is possible to find truffles without a dog. We act by considering which tree roots the truffle grows and the roots of oak or chestnut trees, which are suitable for growing truffles in the area where you are looking for mushrooms, are dug without damaging the tree roots. With this method, it is possible to find truffles, albeit long and difficult.

How to Grow Truffle Mushrooms

It can be grown commercially, such as truffles, white cap mushrooms or oyster mushrooms. Truffle production can be done by planting oak or chestnut seedlings, whose roots are inoculated with truffles. You can get training on growing truffles with the help of many truffle cultivation courses opened recently.

Where to Buy Truffle Mushrooms

Truffle mushroom price is higher than other mushrooms. While other mushrooms are sold by the kilo, truffles are sold by the gram. Truffles can be found in neighborhood markets in areas where the mushroom is naturally harvested. However, in order to buy a quality truffle, markets selling organic products or reliable vendors selling fresh mushrooms should be preferred.

Such vendors keep the truffles fresh and in the right conditions, ensuring that it maintains its quality and flavor.
Information About Truffle Mushrooms
Latin Name: Tuber Magnatum (White truffle), Tuber Melanosporum (Black winter truffle), Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Oregonese, and Tuber Gibbosum

Local Names: Truffles, Keme

Habitat: Chestnut Forest and Oak Forest

Growing Climate: Humid Climate

Gathering Time : All year

Most Suitable Region: Southeast Anatolia, Thrace, North Anatolia