Smart Mirror Sound Mirror awarded at CES 2022

ICON.AI unveiled a smart mirror called Sound Mirror at CES 2022. Its contactless operation is possible thanks to the integration with the Amazon Alexa assistant.

As the name suggests, Sound Mirror is a full-size bathroom mirror that can also act as a smart speaker. The gadget looks almost the same as a traditional mirror that hangs in many bathrooms. The only difference is that on its front we notice something that at first glance resembles a loudspeaker grille.

smart mirror

Smart Mirror Sound Mirror with Alexa support

The equipment has been designed in such a way that its operation does not require the use of hands. After installing it, just connect it to your home Wi-Fi network to take advantage of the benefits of integration with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Thanks to this, we can easily access music from streaming services, favorite podcasts, check the latest news, as well as the weather forecast.

The new Sound Mirror can also be used to control other intelligent devices in our home. An example of this is the handling of smart lighting installed on both sides of the new ICON.AI product.

smart mirror sound mirror

The equipment is waterproof
Sound Mirror is also equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity module. So you can stream music from our smartphone without any problems. The manufacturer took care of the proper protection of the new device, which is why the new intelligent mirror is waterproof to the IPX6 standard. For this reason, it is not afraid of humid air in the bathroom.

The product has already won its first award
The new product from ICON.AI is available in two shapes – round and long, as well as in four different finishes. Customers can buy gold, chrome, black (matte) and white (also matte) variants. The equipment received an award for innovation at CES 2022.