‘Magic Mushroom’ Makes Humans Hyper-connected, Scientists Say

A recent study carried out by a scientific institute in Italy came up golden teacher mushroom with surprising results regarding the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

According to scientists, when ingesting a substance called psilocybin, the brain becomes hyperconnected, which increases the level of communication between brain regions.

According to IFL Science, the study was done with the aim of analyzing whether it would be possible to use this substance for patients with brain problems.

Scientists have yet to say whether this will actually be done, but the results have been promising

  • In addition to making more connections between different regions of the brain, psilocybin stimulates the production of a hormone called serotonin.
  • Which is directly related to the feeling of well being and good mood – it’s just a small rate of people who experience a negative feeling when using it. substance.

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  • Another positive aspect found by scientists is the durability of the effect. The “trip” caused by psilocybin only lasts a few hours, but its effects on the brain are longer lasting.
  • Creativity, good mood and ability to reason more quickly remained for up to 14 months after substance use.

Synesthesia was also observed in some patients.

  • The ability to see more vivid colors and relate them to other things like numbers and sounds was one of the effects of substance use on the human body.
  • According to the scientists, the most interesting of the results obtained with the study is that they are in line with what is believed about hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The element that causes hallucinations does not degrade the brain, but improves it in certain ways. By using psilocybin, the organ began to reorganize thoughts in a more efficient and stable way.

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  • The next step of the studies is to understand how the component present in hallucinogenic mushrooms can be used in medicines and be marketed without causing problems for patients, in addition to verifying .
  • How it will be possible to follow the anti-drug laws of different countries. But it is likely that this medication in the future will bring real benefits to people with psychological and brain problems.