How to prepare a substrate for oyster mushrooms

How to prepare a substrate for home cultivation of oyster mushrooms Under natural conditions, this fungus grows on tree stumps and trunks Buy blue meanies.

At artificial cultivation it is possible to grow oyster mushrooms on wood and in special soil. The level of yield is affected by the nutrient composition of the substrate.

  • It should have enough protein and fat. Therefore, the most productive is a mixture containing cereal straw harvested in regions with a clean environment.
  • The main components of the substrate are often: Straw of cereals Sunflower grain husk Sawdust of fruit wood As straw it is recommended to use material .
  • Which is harvested in the year before last. In such a mixture significantly increases the concentration of nitrogenous compounds, the structure becomes more hygroscopic.

Sawdust must also be of high quality.

  • Coniferous wood chips are strictly prohibited. If the sawdust contains cotton BSEC, it improves the quality of the material. But this impurity is very rare and significantly increases the cost of sawdust.
  • Incision in the package for the growth of oyster mushrooms Nutrient and mineral supplements are also added to the substrate for growing oyster mushrooms.

They are necessary to optimize the nitrogen content and maintain acidity.

  • Most often for this purpose are added: hay, malt sprouts, soy flour, wheat bran, gypsum, alabaster, slaked lime. Purified drinking water is added to improve the structure and maintain the required humidity.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use water from open wells and natural springs. First, a thorough grinding of all components.
  • It is especially important to finely grind the substrate, which is made on the basis of straw. The smaller the fraction of components, the easier it is in the future mycelium to fill the entire area of ​​the prepared block.
  • Then additional components and necessary chemical components are entered into the crushed basis.
  • Everything is thoroughly mixed and brought to homogeneity. Next, the substrate is moistened. To do this, it is soaked for several hours in special containers.

Clean water is used for hydration. The mixture is kept in such conditions until it is completely soaked with moisture. Also by soaking, the soil is cleaned of large particles that reduce yields. After the soil is squeezed.

Its humidity should be at least 70%.

With a lower rate, it will be impossible to grow mushrooms. The use of a specially prepared substrate will significantly reduce the cost of growing oyster mushrooms at home and will help get a high yield from the first time. expert opinion Julia Yuriyivna .

  • I have a large garden and vegetable garden, several greenhouses. I love modern methods  of cultivating plants and mulching the soil, I share my experience.
  • Ask a question Possible problems with growing oyster mushroom mycelium at home .
  • When cultivating oyster mushrooms at home, it is necessary not only to grow mycelium properly, but also to avoid mistakes in further actions.
  • Both when growing fruit bodies and planting material, it is important to maintain a certain temperature, humidity and other parameters in the room. Devices are needed to ensure control and appropriate performance.

We recommend that you make sure that they show correct data. Sometimes it is necessary to check the measuring technique, especially when there are signs of problems and no apparent cause. It is better to measure the temperature not only indoors, but directly in the block or other form with the substrate.

The substrate and all equipment is important to thoroughly wash, disinfect and dry, otherwise the accumulation of bacterial background will begin, which will provoke poor mycelium development, low yields and poor quality fruiting bodies.

In addition to hydrogen peroxide, an effective disinfectant for such work are preparations of  peracetic acid. We recommend that you always carry out preventive work in the summer, check the pH of the substrate before sowing and properly store purchased or self-made mycelium.

While watching the video, you will learn about growing oyster mushrooms. It is possible to grow oyster mushrooms and mycelium at home. But to obtain quality seed, it is necessary to carefully follow the technology and stages of the process.

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Highlight it and press Ctrl Enter to let us know. Oyster mushrooms belong to the wood-destroying group of fungi. In natural conditions, they grow on stumps and dead trees, at home the soil for growing oyster mushrooms is waste from forest and cereals.