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Would be to do this Gathering Depressed and or anxious cancer patients, and then patients with major depressive disorder, addicted smokers, people with anorexia nervosa, and depressed patients with Alzheimer’s. So to date, we Buy magic mushrooms online .

  • Have treated over participants in over  psilocybin sessions. So we’ve accumulated a good bit of experience with these compounds.
  • What I want to talk about is the studies with healthy volunteers, because they are most germane to the
  • Question of spirituality and religion. So I’m going to summarize and blend together results from several different studies, but .

These are all rigorous, double-blind studies.

  • Participants are medically and psychiatrically healthy. Most are without histories of psychedelic use. So these are psychedelic-naïve individuals for the most part. So we’re looking at
  • The effects of psychedelics in people who don’t have strong a priori understandings or beliefs about this based on personal experience.
  • Participants met with session monitors on several occasions before the first session to develop rapport and trust, which .
  • We believe to minimize the risk of adverse reactions to psilocybin. And the conditions across

These studies are designed to minimize expectancy bias, and we do this in various ways, and it differs across different studies.

  • We go to some lengths to be as deceptive as we can be, ethically, in terms of
  • Not informing people about the precise study conditions. But they do indeed need to know at some point they’re going to get psilocybin.
  • Our sessions are conducted in a comfortable, living room-like environment. And we ask the volunteer to come in in .
  • The morning, after having just a light breakfast.
  • During the sessions, the volunteer is asked to lay on a couch. They’re using eye shades and It could be placebo controlled.