7 Unexpected Uses for Save Money

Things along the way weren’t so good that as things started getting good it was so easy for me to share with our people so easy to do that people sometimes don’t save money as soon as we possibly could afford it .

How we started profit

Sharing where at the end every year and we’ll take that profit sharing and put in a retirement fund for you it’s yours it’s yours if your so .

save money
  • Many years it goes with you no matter where you go but it shows it’s your buddy that’s really incredible and .
  • How much do you think that that sort of Golden Rule approach has fed into your ridiculously low turnover rate which is literally almost unprecedented .
  • I mean that’s crazy I try and treat people exactly the way they’d want to be treated exactly the way I would have wanted to be treated I’m happy with my people I realized my people aren’t .
  • My people go my god the company goes people are your company and they take care of the customer the customer’s always right no matter what so what do we do so.

the customers happier if somebody’s unhappy would try and discover

Why and because you treat people this way and we’d love them you walk in our company it’s love if you go through the front desk here in Century City this girl just has

  • The biggest smile say hi welcome to John Paul Mitchell Systems she loves what she does our big problem is we don’t have turnover we have so many people on to work for us and the
  • Thing is you gotta wait for somebody to die good girl we’ll add one or two on obviously at a time sure and we’re pretty big now because
  • We’re inĀ  countries it’s how you take care of people anywhere in the world you don’t boss them around you include on what you’re doing the other thing is take full responsibility for your life except where you are and
  • The responsibility that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go so once that we have two primary choices in life .
  • We can either accept conditions as they exist or we can take the responsibility to change them see a lot of people want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility all they want to do is talk about the problem every time you see
  • Them they’ll tell you their story over and over and over and over again no no you want to take responsibility for your life I got me here I can get me out of .